Remedies for whitening face skin

Today we are back in the fashion pale. For a long time light tone of skin was a sign of aristocracy and noble blood. If you recall literary works of classical authors, the most tender and close to the nobility of the girl was bright as snow skin. Now given the desire to achieve such a result with the help of various cosmetic products. With special formulations, you can make your own at home, and they are also extremely effective.

Is it possible to lighten your skin at home?

skin whitening

The most favorable time to lighten the skin is the autumn-winter period when the solar activity is not too large. To resort to such procedures in the summer is not recommended as cosmetic drugs in the interaction with ultraviolet rays are not effective. And skin lightening is a process, which can realize every girl on their own, without spending a lot of time and money on trips to the salon.

The procedure of lightening occurs in two stages. The first stage is characterized by a pharmacological or cosmetic reducing the amount of melanin in the skin cells. The second stage is the peeling, i.e. the removal of keratinized epithelium with an exfoliant. In the course of those events from the face fade pigmentation spots, and General color of the skin becomes more smooth and delicate. Also exfoliating the event allows to reduce the level of pigment component in the skin, and therefore make the face more pale.

It should be noted that tools for home correction can be represented by creams and other cosmetic products from manufacturers of modern cosmetics, as well as compositions prepared at home. Impact products, such as branded and homemade skin each individual case is different. The effect depends on personal characteristics and parameters of the dermis, which makes the selection of a suitable composition for personal care.

How to lighten dark skin folk remedies

Today most companies producing cosmetic products, taking as a basis their products are natural, natural components. Among these items are the most common honey, lemon, gelatin, etc. it is No secret that these components themselves have a bleaching effect. For this reason, correct selection of natural ingredients and combining them in recipes of traditional medicine will allow to access natural beauty.

Lightening lotion of parsley

Parsley is a useful component for creating lotions for the care of skin. In addition to the lightening of the skin, this unique herb helps to improve the production of collagen by the skin, thereby rejuvenating it. Also with the help of funds, prepared on the basis of parsley, it is possible to prevent the appearance of early wrinkles and age-related skin changes.

To prepare the lotion to be finely chop the leaves medium bunch of parsley and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Then the mixture is cooked over low heat for 15 minutes, then cooled under the hood. After cooling, the broth can be used as a lotion for washing twice a day.

Lemon juice

For anybody not a secret that lemon, its juice, is the most effective way to lighten the skin. This product is the basis not only of almost all whitening traditional medicine, but also classic products of cosmetology. A large amount of acid allows you to clear the skin from fat and fat, dead skin cells – all of these activities reduce the production of melanin.

Often lemon juice is combined with other components as citric acid very dry skin. For this reason, require additional product to ensure the nutrition and the relaxation of the treated dermis. It is possible to effectively combine the lemon juice with honey, egg white and various oils.

Essential oils

Essential oils can achieve a variety of cosmetic results. Such method can give the skin a porcelain Shine, you just use the right combination of oils. We will present the most effective in skin lightening essential extracts:

  • citrus group of oils, including orange, tangerine, lemon, etc.;
  • vanilla oil;
  • oil of rosewood.

If equal proportions to combine these products, you can get a highly effective complex of natural ingredients for skin lightening and its power and rejuvenation.

White clay

Clay as a cosmetic item has on the skin influence on the principle of cleansing and drying. Purification is carried out by applying a scrub, i.e. remove the face of dead skin cells that accumulated melanin granules. Thus, with the skin fade age spots.

The drying process takes place according to the principle of absorption from the excess moisture and fat that accumulates due to problems with the excretory function of the sebaceous glands. There are many varieties of clay, each of which has its own useful properties. White clay improves complexion makes it a natural, healthy and delicately pale.

Whitening skin facial folk remedies at home

Exfoliation at home or the use of potent exfoliating can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions, so self-skin whitening – a very important step before which it is desirable to consult with a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Depending on the form of hyperpigmentation, there are different types of peels. Cosmetic scrubs usually contain: acid, citric, lactic, glycolic and other acids. Suppresses melanin production is the hydroquinone, but if this substance included in the composition, it is necessary to use very rarely, because of its toxic action.

The struggle with persistent hyperpigmentation using cosmetics will not give effective results. Such pigmentation be treated by other methods: liquid nitrogen, laser skin resurfacing.

Folk remedies for whitening face skin

whitening facial

There is a plant with bleaching properties, only their effect will be weaker than professional cosmetics. These natural remedies used by our grandmothers. But today a life rhythm of a modern woman rarely allows her to care for herself in a sparing mode — using natural remedies, because our environment leaves much to be desired, calling to look for natural remedies for beauty treatments, collected away from industrial zones.

Cucumber and lemon are rich in organic acids and ascorbic acid, and have properties of bleaching. You need to consider that greenhouse cucumber has particularly useful properties. And here's the RUB frozen cubes of cucumber juice lightens and tones the skin any type of person. Lemon lightens the skin, but should be careful not to cause irritation. Masks from mashed strawberries and black currant applied for half an hour on the face, also have a whitening effect.

Consisting of raspberry juice, the mask whitens and nourishes the facial skin. Need 15-20 minutes to put on a face cotton wool dipped in raspberry juice. Bearberry has a whitening effect due to the content in her small concentration of hydroquinone and organic acids. Whitens the skin — licorice due to the presence of organic and phenolic acids. Popular method of removing freckles, with which freckles will disappear or fade, is to clean the face with juice squeezed from the flowers and leaves of calendula.

After forty years in women often occurs pigmentation, by reducing the elasticity of the skin. To help in this case can lotion made from 500 grams of vodka and 50 grams of greens and parsley roots, which insist in a dark place for two weeks. Then filter and RUB the face. The lotion stored in the refrigerator.

Whitens and refreshes the skin fresh potatoes put on the face until dry. You can also in equal parts, mix potato starch and lemon juice.

Skin whitening

Every spring begins a fierce struggle women of different ages for the whiteness of the skin. Some are concerned about appearing in March-April freckles. Third bother lentigo, liver spots and other skin damage that the beauty of women not add. But since in this article we will focus on whitening creams, it is necessary to warn our readers and tell that not all stains need to be bleached. It is first necessary to determine the nature of the local darkening of the skin – diagnosis, and then to take up the whitening. Or not to take, because many skin problems are associated with internal diseases. This means that when identified and treated the source of the ailment, the consequence will disappear by itself. So, if you treat a sick gut – skin color becomes healthier. And if you put in order the duodenum – disappears acne and acne. And with other skin problems, you first need to find the cause and then look for its solution.

But if we are talking about freckles, it is best to deal with prevention than the dedication to deal with these "splashes of sunshine" on my face. Inside you can take a look at and nicotinic acid, is good to drink tea from the hips and make friends with foods that contain vitamin C will Not prevent wide-brimmed hat and large glasses that protect from the sun. And in March-April, you can start using bleaching creams. But first, examine those substances which will help to make the skin whiter.

Modern means of whitening the skin. That whitens the skin

What means of bleaching of the skin available to modern women? List them in order:

  • The hydroquinone. This substance with a very high whitening effect, is highly toxic. It suppresses the activity of cells that produce melanin, and so freckles are simply not formed. Apply it should be moderately and carefully, otherwise the effect will be the opposite – the skin will darken. But pregnant and lactating women use it is generally impossible, because the hydroquinone penetrate into the blood, and nobody wants that.
  • Arbutin has a weaker effect compared to hydroquinone, but it is less toxic. It also suppresses the production of melanin cells, giving the freckles chance occurrence.
  • Kojic acid, an ingredient used in professional whitening products. She acts like arbutin, besides this acid – antioxidant. Non-toxic, but sensitive people can become allergen.
  • Ascorbic acid is only one word of caution — it can irritate the skin.
  • Alpha-hydroxy acids exfoliate well, so they are used to remove the top pigmented skin layer.

Typically, whitening creams is a set of tools for exfoliation, whitening, anti-inflammation and protection from sunlight.

Homemade folk remedies for whitening face skin

face masks

Lovers of folk home remedies can apply skin whitening herbs because many of them have bleaching properties. However, their effect is not as strong as chemicals, so to apply them you need more time:

  • Bearberry contains hydroquinone in low concentrations, and organic acids.
  • Yarrow contains flavonoids, which form compounds that do not allow the production of melanin cells.
  • Licorice contains organic and phenolic acids to whiten the skin.
  • Lemon and cucumber contain organic acids and ascorbic acid, therefore they can be used both internally and externally.
  • Parsley contains essential oils that are well whiten the skin.

Proponents of the professional approach to skin whitening can use a special peeling, lotion, tonics, facial masks and creams, which are sold in stores. Or go to the beauty parlor, by adopting a series of procedures under the guidance of a cosmetologist. The more that the modern bleach produced is not only based on chemical substances, but also based on natural products. For example, the Russian manufacturers of bleaches in the series include herbal complexes that can remove dead skin cells and reduce melanin synthesis. Whitening line usually contains peeling, mask, lotion, toner, day and night cream, serum. With this line you can engage in a comprehensive whitening procedure for 5-8 weeks.