Experience in the use of Welltox

Im from Valencia told us their history and shared experiences. The girl told how she was ashamed of her freckles and age spots, and as the cream Welltox helped her to get rid of them.

In childhood I didn't have freckles, but after the hormonal changes they appeared. In spring and summer there were more, and in winter they become not as noticeable, but I still wouldn't suit. Firstly, it spoils the appearance, and secondly, after going to the Solarium, they became more and more. I also noticed that the sun began to go not so smoothly as before. During pregnancy even began to appear dark spots. I was very upset about this, but my gynecologist claimed that after childbirth, the estrogen drops, and spots will be held. But it never happened.

I've tried to bring them out: and lemon, and grasses are different, the mask of fresh cucumber. Then began to apply different lotions and creams. Husband and friends all the time convinced that I did not spoil my freckles and the spots were not visible on the ground, fortunately. But I had no idea how I appear in a swimsuit on the beach, and after the season, again all spotted like a Dalmatian. In General, I decided to go to the beauty salon, the mood was resolute. I was offered spots removal with laser or surgical method. High price, and low level of security of such procedures me a little confused, so I decided not to hurry and visit another doctor.

Welltox my real Savior!

A friend advised me a good specialist, and she recommended me to use a cream Welltoxand also use products that protect the skin from UV rays. The answer for me is not quite satisfied since I've tried a lot of home remedies and products from stores, and the result of them did not exist. Then she persuaded me that if I Welltox don't, we will do a chemical peel. This option will suit me, and I am confident that will come soon on the procedure, bought the cream. But what was my surprise when just a few applications my freckle became lighter, and stains also lost the brightness of color. With time I couldn't see exactly where you should apply the cream, as the skin was completely clear.

Experience in the use of Welltox

In the cosmetic salon I did come, but not in order to peel, and to thank the expert and ask, what means to use to protect the skin. In General, I am very happy with the result from applying the cream Welltox. The beautician says that freckles will not appear again, but even if I were, I would now not upset, because I know how quick, cheap and painless to remove them. And now all I advise not to worry as I am, and not to agree to aggressive treatments and creams Welltoxthat will help to make your skin perfect. He has already helped several of my friends. So I hope that this means my review will help a lot of girls and men who are suffering from age spots or freckles.